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COUNTRY OF PEACE, HARMONY AND CALM: ZAMBIA Recalling the experience in Botswana where we had the honor to meet and make friends with Waldo Botha and his family, who are also the new partner of Lambe Queltehue as they sponsored us with an S Track GPS (www.eyrie.co.bo). This is a tracking system that will record all our route, in addition to more security,

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WELCOME TO BOTSWANA !!! Finally we crossed to Botswana ... we have no words to detail everything that we have had in this adventure, is a country full of love and with good energy. People are very friendly , everyone saying Dumela (Hello) all the time!! Here , everybody help you, since we came to this country, we had lodging with local people helping us wi

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Preparing the Trip

  Preparing the Trip We're on the verge of starting our adventure in the Southern Africa region. We have been conducting meetings with the company to be clear that we need for the trip and also for Lambe Theatre. For better (more optimal) preparation, we decided to divide by task. In all that is design, mechanisms and crafts is in charge of Geo

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