From Copperbelt to the Lake Kariba

Following our route from Chimfunshi we went through the Easter weekend to Ndola, where we struck the beautiful gardens and well structured unlike other places in this province (Copperbelt) streets. Ndola is a city of very good craftsmanship, we recommend you visit the Mining Museum (US $ 5 entrance) where you can also find local crafts sculptures and a very good price.

Then we continue traveling to the capital to get together with our friends in Lusaka Packpacker (highly recommended to sleep and go for a drink) where he also met two friends from UK, which after a while talk about our project invite us to show theater in his project called “the School Club Zambia” Lois and Victoria. Accepting his invitation, we headed south at a great spot on Lake Kariba (7 hours from Lusaka).

Lake is one of the world’s largest artificial dams, and is also habitat of crocodiles and hippos in the area, and various species of freshwater fish. There we had a close experience with the Tonga people, who live mainly on fishing, and are one of the traditional tribes of southern Zambia.

Upon arrival at The School Club Zambia project, we realized that it was running within a community around a large crocodile farm already established a few years ago, thus most people in the village work there. Until a few months ago I was back open a lodge called The Club Kariba Lake, but unfortunately no more …, however for participating in the social project could sleep in the lodge which is at the foot of the lake, and our friends showed us around . Wordlessly, beautiful.

After spending one week in Lake Kariba with our theater and workshops, and sharing with Lois, Vicky and friends we continue our route towards Chipata, border town with Malawi. There we slept one night camping “Deans Hill View Lodge” where the value per night is $ 5 pp and also provide services restaurant and bar. The view is panoramic and pleasant place.

Across the warm heart of Africa

For us it got easier to cross from Zambia to Malawi Botswana to Zambia because we do not require help, the border was ordered and the steps were clear.

From the border to the capital Lilongwe are approximately 2 hours away. Upon arrival we went to Mabuya backpackers, good vibes and camping area worth USD pp 7 also has an excellent restaurant with three B, good nice and cheap. The location is prime, you can walk downtown or market.

It is always good to spend a few days in the capital to stock up on food in larger supermarkets, because in Africa in villages or small towns there is very little variety.

Continuing with our plans we left for the South, with our friend Lorna Zomba UK and our friend John Banana Cape Macler, Malawi. We stayed three days in “Pakachere backpacker and creative center” where the campsite is 5 USD per person night. Good place, a little far from downtown but next to the golf course, which gives you an amazing view of opening and infinite gardin also have very refreshing natural juices or smooties.

Zomba was the capital of Malawi, is a somewhat colonial city with history, as well as being at the foot of a mountain called Zomba Plateu, which is 10 km from the center and one can make trails and hiking to the top, where you see the whole city. There is also a small craft market where they sell beautiful stones and quartz mountain.

From there we start to Blantrye, where we stayed at the home of Chris thanks to CouchSurfing application. We were there for a week enjoying because you can find what you want and is very green with mountains around it. A fun place to eat and have a nice view of the city is “Malawi Sun Hotel” where you can park the car and go to Blue Savannah fast food, cheap and delicious!

Finally what is southern Malawi we went to Mulaje, known for its tea plantations and majestic mountain, like an island in the sky the mountains that make up Mount Mulanje, rise up to 3,002 meters above sea level. 9 shelters to sleep with a value of MK 1000 per night, the mountain is the tourism landscape of the place. It is mandatory for safety go with a guide they charge 25 USD the day (we recommend Nenani or Welsey, excellent guides plus they need that money to pay for his studies at school).

When one arrives at the beginning of the trek it is the “Forestry office” where they can park the car by MK100 per day and also offer rent of sleeping bag MK1000 day as camping MK 500 per night.

This trek recommend 100% since reaching the top of the mountain, walk Mulanje around in different directions it is impressive by the natural beauty offered by the site.

We close our 6th post and hope that the data and experience we are giving them serve future projects and travelers !!!

You use data / values:

Visa: USD 75 per person, if you want to spread out per month USD 6.

The Malawi kwacha are virtually the same as the Chilean pesos.

CarĀ Insurance: MK 13,000 for two months

Oil/Petrol: USD 1.21 per liter

CarĀ imput and extension per month: MK10.000