Recalling the experience in Botswana where we had the honor to meet and make friends with Waldo Botha and his family, who are also the new partner of Lambe Queltehue as they sponsored us with an S Track GPS ( This is a tracking system that will record all our route, in addition to more security, because our family know in real time our coordinates, and if we have a very serious emergency can push an SOS button, where we have air rescue international (God wants us to use than ever).

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Finally, we are very grateful to have this service and have met these friends in Maun,the door to Okavango Delta . Then we headed to Kasane, characterized by joining four countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.) We stayed there four days resting and producing crafts seeing every day in front our eyes giraffes, zebras and elephants.


The last day in Kasane we went to visit the market women at the entrance of the town, this call Chobe womens Arts & Crafts Centre, where we were able to exchange our craft with them, was a very nice moment, then they advised us to go to visit an animal shelter called Caracal’s World of Wildlife, which was 5 steps from the market where we could see and know African reptiles, some birds, an anteater and a baboon baby, it was very interesting and we recommend it 100%, to know about it.

IMG_3648 IMG_3655 IMG_3674 IMG_3671

When we crossing to Zambia, on March 4, 2016 in a very small barge distance (Pula 200 depends on vehicle size)


We discovered a country of red hills, full of vegetation and good energy, and headed straight to Livingstone. In this city, which is rather touristy as it is Victoria Falls, we were in the house of a very loving local family who are doing a project which is to build a schoolhouse in a village 30 km from the city for children they can have quality education and for free. We were lucky to be part of this project and we were two days doing our play, the first was with the adult community where we show the “Great granddaughter of the Chief Kankoat”, where after the show we were invited to the house of the chief for lunch with some of the village as well, where we had a nice afternoon conversation about the life.

IMG_3763 IMG_3767 IMG_3750IMG_3785


Then we headed north to the capital, Lusaka, where thanks to Coach Surfing we met Jonnatan and his family who received us very well ,where he gave us a very good contact in a public school called City of Hope of the Congregation of the Nuns Salesianas, which Lambe went to show for a full day the fifth grade, some teachers and of course the sisters, who really enjoyed themselves and we were invited to perform in April an intensive workshop to students of 4th grade, where they create their own story of the indigenous peoples of Zambia and have they own little box Lambe Lambe.

IMG_3913 IMG_3900


We are very happy that we will be able again to perform our mission is “Making cultural exchange through communities around the world”, the students will learn from us and aslo about this technique, who can give a message to the society and also through art entertainment and culture to a country where there is none.

In between all this we escaped 11 days north of Zambia to a Lodge of some friends from UK, Lyndon and Ruth, who is building to open to the public in mid of this year, is called Pinnon Lodges (http: // www /), it is located at the foot of Kafue National Park, where we woke in the morning overlooking the river watching hippos and crocodiles, and during the  dark night noises of leopards, hyenas and lions. From there we crossed during a long day around the park, which had to cross two craft barges that had not taken into account, and no one not warn of these, therefore had to negotiate crossing both two to exchange for food, which we accepted  and we continue our journey (the price is 200 Kacha, but is negotiable). Upon completion of the park our Queltehua encountered serious technical problems, which we were lucky that in Kamfuewe a small village two women were watching something was going bad, which in sign language helped us and led to a mechanical, which it was not but we help us with accommodation staying one night at his home, which was a pleasure for us and also for Queltehuita.

IMG_4134 IMG_4146

That night the whole village looked to know, gave us a very nice welcome and the neighboring cooked the traditional food for us around a campfire under a starry night. The next day we woke up around 6 am with many noises of children, they were curious to see us again and play, we cook peanuts for everyone and then we headed to the small school community, which we conducted our workshop with the help of teachers which was a very nice experience and the kids had lots of fun doing arts and crafts.

IMG_4197 IMG_4163

At the end of that day we continue going up north, where we stayed for three days in Chimfunshi ( is a chimpanzee orphanage that was created in 1984 with a German couple who came to the area seeking to create a cattle farm. One day a person came to the area with a chimpanzee from DRC, which received it and eventually began to spread the word beginning to get more and more chimpanzees. Today they have more than 200 chimps, a local community with a school which we perform our project and teach crafts to some women of the community. This place 100% recommend, you will not regret visiting and can also perform volunteer in African Impact ( 10USD per person in the campsite and per room 20 USD, also you can walk with chimps is 100 USD and visit them K60.

IMG_4285 IMG_4283 IMG_4270IMG_4218

IMG_4309 IMG_4316

Next post will have more details about the next challenge that comes at City of Hope and our crossing to Malawi. See you!!!

From Zambia, Lusaka says goodbye

Lambe Queltehue


Use price data entering to Zambia:

USD 50 per person valid for 3 months, then you ringing one months but can be extended for free close to the expiration date of this.

The input value of the vehicle is as follows:


Road Transport and Safety Agency USD 20 (with this pass you have access to free on highway tolls)

Car insurance: K560