Finally we crossed to Botswana … we have no words to detail everything that we have had in this adventure, is a country full of love and with good energy. People are very friendly , everyone saying Dumela (Hello) all the time!!
Here , everybody help you, since we came to this country, we had lodging with local people helping us with our project to build our mission: “to generate cultural exchange between communities around the world.”IMG_2890

Our first stop was in the capital Gaborone, where we met through CouchSurfing Henrick, Mokolodi Backpacker owner, who invited us to be nine days there. The reception of the staff who works there was really nice . We enjoyed the amazing swimming pool , its really nice with the weather, because is really hot every day. The place where is located the backpackers is very cute, more residential and near Mokolodi Nature Reserve, where you can see a great variety of wild animals.



backpacker mokolodi


The day after our arrival, in our way back to the backpacker, we saw a public school called St Josepht Primary School, where we were fortunate to meet with the Director, who received us very happy and welcomed us to show our Theater and do the workshop. On February 2 (which is the birthday of Florencia) we went early to performer “The granddaughter of the Chief Kankoat”. The faces of all those children and the reactions of affection made us want to show more and have more energy to do it.


In between had recess, where the whole school approached us to show us their traditional dances and songs and to tell us about the food they cook their mothers. The children are full of good intentions, which is perceived and it is contagious, making our work more enjoyable.

st joseph 5°A
At the end of the theater, we were invited to go to the classroom where we were asked some questions and comments about what they saw, and then Jorge made a small class where we showed them where is South America and the countries that make up this technique Lambe Lambe. They also sang very happy birthday Florencia.

WORKSHOP “Writing a letter to Annaken”

The next day we did the workshop where he had an incredible successful experience, the children wrote beautiful letters telling about their ancestors, stories of their grandparents and telling about their country as typical food, national animal, and the colors of Botswana flag, among others.
At the same time we perform a special function to the backpacker team along with Henrick for the hospitality and generosity they giving us.



Anyway all this we go with a heart full to continue our odyssey in this country. We are going in our way to Ghanzi, on the northwestern edge of Botswana, where we find one of the oldest tribes of mankind, the San people, or better known as the Bushman, where it is believed they were the first language on earth.

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