Preparing the Trip


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Preparing the Trip

We’re on the verge of starting our adventure in the Southern Africa region. We have been conducting meetings with the company to be clear that we need for the trip and also for Lambe Theatre.

For better (more optimal) preparation, we decided to divide by task. In all that is design, mechanisms and crafts is in charge of George and Florence on the other side of production, applications and media funds. With this organization we were able to make quite a bit, as we have our online crowdfunding called “Lambe Queltehue for Africa”. We invite you to see the video and we have great rewards. Also our website with this blog, where we will continue telling how it goes and prints of children, update photos and videos. Santiago Mujica thanks for the tremendous contribution to the cause with the design and implementation of our


Buying the “Queltehua”.

An important milestone was preparing to start buying our car called The QUELTEHUEA. We were very fortunate to find this beauty in a web portal for buying and selling used in South Africa, where he was held by three Australians (Elliot, Antonia, Jacques) at that time items, who made a trip for 3 months in South Africa around this truck (Toyota Hilux 4×4, 1987). They had a lot of things such as; GPS, spare parts for the car, camping items, dishes, gas stove, etc. and a practical plastic boxes. All this was given to the company at the time of concluding the contract of sale. As we saw on the ground, the trucks are generally highly valued here in South Africa, and to buy all these things included was really “a fluke”. With this big step and we feel more prepared and armed to organize and plan the journey ahead


By having the car, Jorge design branding it. After several contributions, which were costing out of our budget, we decided to buy the material to realize it ourselves. At that feat was we met a tremendous initiative funded by the regional government of Western Cape called CCDI (Cape Craft + Desing Institute) who provided us a cutter to make car stickers. Currently already we have the Quelthuea pimped and ready to go.

In parallel we have been building the new generation of puppets, as we had were very rough shape and are on the verge of passing into the next life, so the company decided to perform again experimenting with other materials. We have had a very successful outcome (we leave pictures). Of course we keep the first generation cast of puppets Lambe company … we hope to exhibit them at some point in Chile.





camio quletehua

First fruits of cultural exchange: Lambe intervention Cassandra.

In one of those matchmaking website, we met a local artist named Cassandra, who was traveling for three years in Latin America bicycle. The connection between her and us coincided naturally invited us to his home and later shared a mystical conversation. She painted us back all Lambe Theatre inside, where we now have the beautiful Chilean Patagonia, with our so characteristic of Chile condor and a wonderful forest of southern Chile. We are very happy with this result because plasma our country and it is our first cultural exchange we have made on our trip. CASSANDRA THANKS !!!

Now we have all the energy and good vibes to get yourself out of Cape Town in January, starting to the north towards the capital Gaborone Botswana-.

We invite you to visit within the blog’s photos, the whole process took until today.