About the Proyect

In this opportunity Lambe Queltehue is doing the premiere of their first play called " The great granddaughter of the Chief Kankoat", in which Annaken, a girl from Punta Arenas, tells through many letters to an african boy of her same age, the adventures of her great grandfather Kankoat, a great Selk´nam hunter who helps his community to go through rough times. The story is filled with Selk’nam’s cosmovision concepts, language and traditions, who inhabited the austral south of Chile and Argentina before the colonizers arrived. The message we want to deliver to the audience is that they feel proud of their roots and what they really are, in short, keep their roots alive and proud of them. The objective audience of the show are children from 10 at 15 year old , however it is enjoyable for people of all ages. The idea of this production is to rotate through many orphanages, schools and foundations from differents countries of southern Africa such as South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi,Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana , Namibia and others. To achieve this huge challenge, we are making contact with different organizations and foundations to guarantee the reception of the message for each community. After presenting the play, we do a workshop in which the audience writes a letter to Annaken , the protagonist of the story, and in their letters they talk about their ancestors , heritage, customs, favorite food, among others. At the moment we have received letters by children from Cape Town, South Africa however we hope to receive more letters from every country we visit.

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Company co-founder, actress and producer

Florencia Quinzio

Co - founder and producer

Co- founder, designer, actor and technical chief

Jorge Morales

Co- founder

Felipe Naranjo

Dubbing director, editor and musician

Jorge Yacoman

Director and editor documentary / videos

Sebastian Pinto

Animation director and designer

How to Collaborate?

If your are from or you know somebody who lives in some of this countries and you would like to support and participate in this project, contact us through our website to coordinate a visit or any other possible collaboration in this adventure. If you want to make a donation or help by providing our campaign (crownfounding) in Idea.me it will be very well received and appreciated by the children and communities we visit. We will have different rewards like your name on our website as a contributor, stickers, pencils, postcards, original letters written by children in Africa, T-shirts, Selk'nam sculptures, among others.

One T- shirt by one show

With the purchase of two poleras we can make and give away 5 children in Africa show our educational and cultural exchange. The value per T-shirt is USD 17 For more information please send a email


Lambe Lambe


What do we understand for lambe lambe? Lambe Lambe is a theatrical street art technique created in Brazil and brought to Chile by the company Oani. It is also known as magic box or miniature theater. The technique consist in revealing a mystery or special moment to a single viewer using a main source inside a small box, which is displayed through a small window or hole. Using an audio player with headphones for the artist and for the viewer the story is revealed in an audiovisual way. The used duration is not more than a few minutes, and is also characterized by its simple and portable format.


Our Lambe brakes the traditional format in differents edges, first it’s for five viewers and is manipulated by two people. The times is ten minutes and the story is educative and with a clear message and didactic. Finally we innovate by putting technology inside the box with a mini projector that show animations in parallel with the marionette movement.

Lambe Queltehue

Queltehuazos- Cultural Exchange

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